We are passionate to deliver first in class cancer drugs to patients.

2030 Vision

To be an R&D oriented pharmaceutical company based in Japan.


We are passionate to deliver first in class cancer drugs to patients from Japan.

CEO Hiroshi Miyake

Chordia Therapeutics is a biotech company engaged in research and development of novel therapies for cancers.
Professionals who have deep knowledge and experience for oncology area keep on striving toward developing new drugs that will envision the tomorrow of cancer treatment.

In general, it takes a long time for bringing out a new drug to patients.
And we also need the cooperation from collaborators and supporters.
So, the thing that our company always cares about is the speedy research and development which is derived from quick decision-making as an R&D oriented biotech, and the gratitude to our external partners who support our company.
We are advancing drug development quickly and steadily by making the best use of the flexibility of lean organization, broad network of experienced professionals, and the accumulated R&D wisdom.

Out lead asset CLK inhibitor CTX-712, currently under first-stage of clinical trials, has a novel mode of action that kills cancer cells by altering mRNA splicing.
The key to the sustainable growth of biotech companies is the successful development of new drugs, and we aspire to deliver the first in class anti-cancer drug from Japan to patients around the world as soon as possible by leveraging our strengths.

CEO Hiroshi Miyake

Joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in 1998 after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University and Ph.D. in Pharmacology from University of Tokyo. He is involved in HIV virus research and drug discovery in the oncology area. In November 2017, he started his business from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, launched Chordia Therapeutics and became CEO.

Leadership Team

  • Hiroshi Miyake

    Hiroshi Miyake

  • Daisuke Morishita

    Daisuke Morishita

  • Kentaro Kume

    Kentaro Kume

Board of Directors

  • Hiroshi Miyake

    Hiroshi Miyake
    Representative Director

  • Akihiko Shimauchi

    Akihiko Shimauchi
    External Director

  • Kosuke Ishii

    Kosuke Ishii
    External Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee member

  • Ayuko Hashimoto

    Ayuko Hashimoto
    External Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee member

  • Yukari Nishikata

    Yukari Nishikata
    External Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee member

Business Model

Lead and accelerate a life science eco-system and various players (e.g. Academia, Pharma Company, Investor, Government, CRO (Contract Research Organization and so on) to realize drug discovery process.

Chordia is focusing on Research and Development of anti-cancer drug from target discovery to Proof of Concept (POC). Chordia is also flexible organization structure for maximizing value of patient and company by corresponding to strategic partner’s proposals.


Brand Origin

Corporate Name

Chordia is derived from the word ‘chord’, which are musical notes that sound pleasant when played together.

Like a chord, we are working towards harmonizing our energy and passion for science with our collaborators, supporters, and stakeholders to enable the discovery of innovative drugs.

Corporate Colors

Our corporate colors are Navy Peony as a main color, and Greenery as a sub color selected from PANTONE Color. Navy Peony is a dependable and an anchoring shade, and Greenery is a refreshing and revitalizing one.

Greenery is Pantone Colour of the Year 2017, which is also Chordia’s start-up year.


Logomark is designed by Nonoka Imai

Corporate Symbol


Our corporate symbol is derived from leaf and fruit of China root (Smilax china), and symbolizes our never-give-up attitude which is its floriography.
Furthermore, two leaves and three berries delineate our cudding figure with patient, and drugs to be delivered to patients, respectively.

Company Profile

Corporate Name
Chordia Therapeutics Inc.
November 1, 2017
Head Office
26-1, Muraoka-Higashi 2-chome, Fujisawa,Kanagawa, 251-0012 Japan
Tokyo Office
3-11-5, Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023 Japan
Hiroshi Miyake, Ph.D. CEO

Head Office

Tokyo Office


October 2017
Launch of Chordia Therapeutics
November 2017
Raises $~11 million in Series A Financing
November 2018
Initiate Phase 1 Study for CTX-712
March 2019
Raises $~27 million in Series B Financing
December 2020
Notice of license agreement with Ono Pharmaceutical
May 2022
Raises $~31 million in Series C Financing