We are passionate about delivering first-in-class cancer drugs to patients from Japan.

Chordia Therapeutics is a biotech company engaged in research and development of novel therapies for cancers.

Professionals who have been involved in drug discovery for many years are working every day to develop new drugs that will play a key role in future cancer treatment, while leveraging their experience and specialized skills in various areas of R&D.


In general, it takes a long time for a new drug to be delivered to patients.

And we also need cooperation from our collaborators and supporters.

So, we always take care to speedily carry out research and development, which is derived from quick decision-making as an R&D-oriented biotech, with gratitude to our external partners who support our company.

We are able to rapidly and steadily conduct research and development of new drugs by making maximum use of our footwork, made possible by the fact that we are a small, elite company, along with our extensive network of connections from each experience and the wisdom we have accumulated within the company.


The therapeutic drug CTX-712, a CLK inhibitor that is already in the first stage of clinical trials, has an entirely novel and unprecedented mechanism of action that kills cancer cells by altering splicing.

The key to the sustainable growth of biotech companies is the successful development of new drugs, and we aspire to deliver first-in-class anti-cancer drugs from Japan to patients around the world as soon as possible by leveraging our strengths.

Joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited in 1998 after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, and obtaining a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the University of Tokyo. He is involved in HIV virus research and drug discovery in the oncology area. In November 2017, he started his business from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, launching Chordia Therapeutics as the CEO.